Monday, January 3, 2011

Swype Beta for Android

Soon, typing letters one by one would be old-fashioned way in to SMS ria. With the latest mobile communications technology called Swype, mobile phone users simply touching the fingers and shifted on the screen with a soft touch, from a letter to other letters. Software Swype make the phone can estimate the user’s intended words. The word also appears on the screen faster than if you typed in manually. In addition, Swype also can fix the wrong spelling on a word.

“Write SMS with the method of ‘sweep’ use Swype 30% faster than meulis typed manner,”said the creator Cliff Kushler applications. He added that this application can not only be used on the phone but all the devices that require digital keyboards such as video games, satellite navigation devices and ticket machines. Swype is not the first application made Kushler to enrich the SMS feature. Mobile users may not recognize the name predictive text. But the workings of this feature is already felt the majority of mobile users. Predictive text is a feature that estimates the word you typed the user when to SMS.
You can Download Swype Beta for Android Phone at official site Swype (

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