Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mobisophy Phone Alone v2.10.3570 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned [FoXPDA]

Phone Alone is an innovative remote control, anti-theft and data protection solution. It helps you to access your phone when it is not available. Like set up it as a auto answering & call forwarding machine, get back contacts, protect private data on the phone, locate where is your phone or lock/unlock your phone. Remotely!

How to remote control your phone?

By voice call
Call to your phone from one of your pre-set managing numbers. Phone Alone will answer your call and prompt you with interactive voice menus. Then you can press keys according to voice menus to control your phone.
By silent text message (SMS)
Send a text message only containing your pee-set remote control code to your phone. Phone Alone will prompt you with interactive text menus by SMS. Then you can reply text messages according to instructions of text menus. SMS can be normal or silent and this setting is configurable.

What you can do in remote control mode?
Set up your phone as an auto answering and call forwarding machine: You can set your phone as an auto answering and call forwarding machine so you won't miss any calls. And also can assign the forwarded number or record the greeting of answering machine remotely.

Get back contacts: Get back contacts by interactive voice or SMS menus. Matched contacts will be sent to you by text messages (SMS).

Listen to local voicemails on your phone: You can call to your phone to listen voicemails that generated by Phone Alone's answering machine. Like operator's voicemail system.

Protect or recover data: Protect or recover private data on your phone like contacts, messages, images, videos and sounds remotely. Protected data can be recovered later if you know the remote control code.

Lock or unlock your phone to prevent from unwanted checks.

Activate anti-theft mode: More details please see "How anti-theft function works".
Notice: All these operations are also available for local operations, not only limited to remote controls!

How anti-theft function works
Anti-theft mode will be triggered when your SIM card was changed. Once anti-theft mode is activated, Phone Alone will call or send text messages to three pre-set notification numbers so you can begin to remote control your lost phone. If notification calls or text messages are not responded within certain time (default is 5 minutes), all data will be protected automatically.
Notice: Whether to enable anti-theft feature is configurable. And protected data can be recovered later if you know the remote control code.

Change Log :
* Now compatible with Nokia touch screen phones like 5800 XpressMusic, N97 and N97 mini (S60 5th devices). Also compatible with S60 3rd FP2 devices.
* Now can run with IVCM and PhonePilot at the same time to handle incoming and outgoing calls.
* Set the maximum duration of a voice message created by answering machine to three minutes.


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