Monday, August 10, 2009

Windows Vista Theme II for Windows Mobile 5.0

Requirements: Any windows Mobile 5 (or above) PocketPc with WisBar Advanced and WisBar Advanced Desktop installed.
Overview: New Windows Vista Theme for Windows mobile release.
The new Windows Vista Theme of Nascasho Design is a Windows mobile Theme absolutely succeeded. However WA2 (WisBar Advance 2) and WisBar Advance Desktop are needed. The whole Theme gibts as Windows mobile Freeware with us to the Download.

How to Insall:

Quick Start Guide

So you really just want to jump right in and use the skin right? Wrong. Read the following so you don't start asking questions and pissing people off because you don't read.

*Note: You MUST be experienced at using WAD for the instructions to go smoothly. If not then first consider using the software a bit longer THEN use this skin. You have been warned!

1. Make sure first of all that you have something that can Extract .zip archives. It is recommended though that you also have a .zip extractor on your Pocket PC device just incase that Microsoft Active sync purposely starts converting the .png images to a jpeg format rendering the archive unusable. If not then consider getting either Resco Explorer 2005 or either Spb Pocket Plus 3.
2. First, you must have a storage card available to store the folder and use the WAD theme "out of the box" with its default name, \Storage Card. If not, then consider purchasing Pocket Mechanic or SKTools (Both are great software!) which will change the name of your storage card and format it for you. *Update: Future translations will be available soon.
3. Once you have made sure that you have the correct name of Storage Card next is now creating the folder for Vista Beta ONE to work. Within your Storage Card create a new folder named WAD Skins (Yes this is case sensitive!!!!!) and then copy and paste the into the WAD skins folder and extract. You should now see a folder named "Vista Beta ONE WAD".
4. Now, for the most part you can wipe the sweat off of your forehead and give out a deep sigh because the hardest part is done! Whew!
5. Now, last thing to do. Open up the Vista Beta ONE WAD folder and cut the file. Go back (make sure you don't exit your file viewer!!) to \My Device and look for a folder named "Themes". Keep opening the folders until you see "" Remember that Paste it in here.
6. Now open up the "Theme Manager" in Start Menu> Settings> System> Theme Manager, or just tap and hold anywhere in an empty space on your desktop and select "Theme Manager" from the menu.
7. Is your heart pumping faster now that you may see Vista in a few more taps? Good... Open up WA2 and Install the Vista Beta ONE skin. Now within the Theme Manager you should now see "Vista Beta ONE, just tap and hit the green check on the bottom left of your screen poof! Vista!

Download Istructions:
password: web

programms: WisBar Advance 2 kai to WisBar Advance Desktop full with keygen and serial:

No rar password!

programms: Card Export II kai Spb Pocket Plus kai Resco Explorer 2007 Full with keygen and serial:

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