Monday, August 10, 2009

Pocket 12C SE Financial Calculator v1.70

Requirements: PPC2003 / PPC2003SE / WM5 / WM6
Overview: The most respected, the most trusted financial calculator for Pocket PC since 2002.

One calculator, many views. View it in portrait mode, or switch to the classic landscape mode without changing the device's orientation setting. Works with square screen devices. Looks gorgeous on VGA devices.

- Supports portrait view, landscape view, QVGA screen, VGA screen, square screen
- More than 130 built-in functions
- Supports both RPN and ALG data entries
- Fully programmable in HP-12C syntax
- Time Value of Money
- Cash flows analysis
- Amortization
- Bonds calculations
- Depreciations
- Odd period calculations
- Dates calculations
- Normal Distribution

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