Thursday, August 21, 2008

RoboForm-Beta v.1.40

• Viewer Only, no Form Filler.
RoboForm for Symbian faithfully reproduces RoboForm for desktop. However, you can only view RoboForm data on Symbian device, not edit it (data editing may be implemented later). Also RoboForm does not fill forms on Symbian, its primary function is to view Passcards, Safenotes and Identities that you accumulated on desktop.

• No Synchronization At This Time.
RoboForm does not synchronize Passcards, Safenotes and Identities between desktop and Symbian device at this time. You have to copy files to device by yourself - to flash card or internal memory. It is recommended to copy RoboForm files to folder "\My RoboForm Data" on the device.

• Navigator.
Choose the type of RoboForm files that you want to view from menu:
- select Passcard (Star With Legs) to see the list of Passcards and Bookmarks,
- select Safenote (Note) button to see the list of Safenotes,
- select Identity (Person) button to see the list of Identities and Contacts.
- select All Files to see all RoboForm data files: Passcards, Bookmarks, Safenotes, Identities and Contacts.

• Folders.
Put related Passcards, Identities or Safenotes into a Folder on desktop and then browse folders on Symbian. Note that folder tree should be create on desktop and on Symbian you can only browse it.
To get into the folder, tap the folder name.
To one level up in the tree of folders, click the ".." item at the top.
To get to the Home (Root) folder, click the Home icon.
To open the file, tap the file name.

RoboForm for Symbian

• Password Protection and Encryption.
All Passcards, Identities and Safenotes that are password-protected on desktop are encrypted by Master Password on Symbian and opening them on Symbian requires entering Master Password. So even if your Symbian is stolen, nobody can steal your RoboForm data from Symbian. Note that you must create Master Password on desktop and sync to make MP available on Symbian.
Protection Status Indicator.
When inside Passcard, Safenote or Identity, password protection status of the file is shown by Lock icon in the lower part of the screen. If Lock is locked and Yellow then the file is password protected and you can determine the encryption method by clicking the Lock icon. If Lock is gray and unlocked then the file is not password protected.
Master Password Entered Indicator.
If Yellow Key icon shown in file navigator is enabled, it means that you entered Master Password and that it is cached in Symbian memory. Click the Yellow Key icon to clear (uncache) the password from memory. This is the same as Logoff command in desktop RoboForm.
Decryption Speed.
AES decryption may be slow on Symbian, because it requires a lot of arithmetic operations. If you feel that opening AES-protected passcards takes too much time on your device, reprotect passcards on desktop with weaker and faster encryption such as 3DES, then sync to Symbian and passcards will open faster.

• Password Generator.
Click Lightning icon on RoboForm toolbar and RoboForm full-featured Password Generator will appear.
Available commands: Generate.
Available options: password length, character classes.

• International Charsets.
Both RoboForm on desktop and RoboForm on Symbian use UNICODE to store characters, so international characters will be correctly shown on Symbian.

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