Friday, August 1, 2008

Resco Audio Recorder (v4.01)

One button recording
"Start recording anytime just by pressing one button."
Map an application HW button to "Start recording" action along with activating "Use record button to launch Audio Recorder and start recording".

MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, WAV and RAF support
"Audio formats for every occassion."

Recording music or speech, with respect to quality, length, portability or power consumption:
  • MP3 — The most popular audio format ever. Widely supported by all platforms. Ideal trade off between quality and hardware requirements.
  • Ogg Vorbis — Alternative to MP3 with higher quality, but requires faster PDA.
  • Speex — Outstanding speech compression ratio, but also needs fast device.
  • WAV — Lossless quality, low hardware requirements, but huge memory consumption.
  • RAF — Minimal hardware requirements, minimal energy consumption, compresstion ratio 4:1.
Equalizer, Real VAS, Noise filter, Gain control
"Top quality Digital Signal Processing."

All DSP filters use the most effective algorithms designed especially for ARM architecture:

  • Equalizer — High quality 10 band graphic equalizer with +- 12 dB preamplifier. 17 predefined settings.
  • Real VAS — Real Voice Activated System. It's "Real" because it's sensitive to frequencies typical to human voice. Without uncomfortable treshold setting as it is common for other VAS.
  • Noise filter — Simply removes unwanted noise.
  • Gain control — Adaptive algorithm increasing and equalling overall sound volume level.
Automated phone call recording
"Record and organize every incoming or outgoing call."
Program startup and recording of whole phone call. Store to a special subfolder and name the recorded file with caller/callee's name.
(Both sides recording is hardware dependent. If your recording contains voice of one side only, it is not due to the program's failure.) Download here

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