Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birdstep Smart Connect

Birdstep SmartConnect is a unique application that automatically chose best available network for all mobile phones equipped with WiFi/WLAN and 3G. The user will thus get an easy way to utilize WLAN and 3G to get connected to the internet. The application comprises a connection manager that connects cellular and wireless data networks (WLAN), based on user priorities. Users will benefit from instant access to key applications and crucial VPN connections through Birdstep's unique technology. Authentication is automatic each time a connection is set up.
The SmartConnect client simplifies connection and mobility management on all dual radio Smartphones by monitoring and optimizing the experience according to predefined connections and set network priorities. Which network to be used and when to switch to another is all taken care of by the client according to preferences set by the user or by the administrator, being a mobile operator or an IT manager.

Birdstep Easy Provisioning ensures that the client is configured automatically over-the-air the first time the user connects to Internet. The Birdstep Device Management server provides over-the-air configuration, automatic updates as well as user behavior statistics that further assist operators to refine their market offerings. [ Download ]

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