Thursday, July 31, 2008

PDF+ 1.65 for S60

Pdf+ is a viewer for Adobe® Acrobat® files, also known as Portable Document Format (or PDF) files. This particular distribution is for Series 60 Smartphones such as the Nokia 6600, the Nokia 6680, the Nokia N90 and the Siemens SX1. The Compatibility section has the details.

With Pdf+ you can:
  • display all the PDF files you have stored on your device.
  • read password-protected (40 bit and 128 bit encrypted) PDF files.
  • display the text, line drawings and images in a PDF file, including (among others) Chinese PDF documents.
  • Pdf+ running on a Siemens SX1 Pdf+ running on a Nokia 6680 Pdf+ displaying a Chinese PDF filen a Nokia N90.
  • view and follow bookmarks.
  • search for and follow links.

The bookmark view shows the bookmarks. Go to the next link on this page The next link on this page.
  • reflow the text in a document using DCR Technology so that it fits to the screen.
  • The text doesn't fit the screen, which makes it hard to read. "Wrap to screen" makes the text refow to fit the screen. Note how easy it is to read the reflowed text.
  • zoom in and out to maximize the amount of text and graphics you can read on the screen.
  • use the entire screen for displaying a page, and rotate the screen.
  • The 'Preferences' dialog on a Nokia N90 Maximise the amount of information you can see.
  • search for strings in the text of the document.

Search for the word 'MMS'. I need to know hot to set it up. Found 'MMS'. This looks interesting.
  • send a PDF file to anybody in the world, using Email, Infrared or Bluetooth.
  • display PDF files that are attached to emails.
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