Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How To: Hack S60 Nokia Phones

Hacking your S60 phone will let you install unsigned applications without a hassle and even apply some patches if you like. It’s much easier than I thought!

Steps To Hack Nokia S60 Phone

  • Install freeware X-plore, a file manager from Lonely Cat Games. Run X-Plore, press 0 and check first 4 boxes. Don’t exit.
  • Install and run HelloCarbide by FCA00000.
  • Switch to X-plore and check if you can see the contents of C:/sys/. If you can, then you are halfway done. If not, try step 2 again.
  • Download CapsOnOff.rar by FCA00000.
  • Copy CProfDriver_SISX.ldd from RAR downloaded above into C:\sys\bin of your phone. You can do this with X-Plore.
  • Install CapsOn.sisx and CapsOff.sisx. Run CapsOff application to turn on the hack.
  • Download SIS installer mod for Symbian 9.2 and copy installserver.exe file to c:\sys\bin\ so you can install unsigned applications
  • Install ROMPatcher by Zorn.
  • Whenever you need to install an unsigned application or patch your phone, just run the CapsOff application first. CapsOn brings it back to normal state.

If I see any useful patches that interests me, I’ll make sure to mention it. There really isn’t much right now. Take a look at the SF modding forums for new patches. They were the source of these instructions.

Now that you have a hacked Nokia S60 phone, try installing some unsigned applications! I recommend MagicKey for remapping buttons.

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