Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ducati Xtreme 3D

Experience the thrills of Ducati 3D Extreme Motorcycle Racing featuring racing action for a variety of Ducatis and tracks!
Start your engines and compete to advance your standing in each Italian tour. All riders are looking to grab the title for themselves, but only the best of the Ducatisti road racers will be declared champions; 3D Extreme contenders must win at least 3 challenges at each of the 4 tours to become a champion. Race through Sicily, the Italian Alps, the rolling hills of Tuscany, or the Amalfi coast on Ducati motorcycles, including the championship winning 999 Superbike, 749 Superbike or Monster.

Features :

Compete in 3 - 4 challenges in each tour:
  • Time Attack, Complete the route three times around the town within a defined time period.
  • Race, Race against 4 other opponents around the circuit 3 times and finish higher then 3rd place.
  • Knockout, Similar to the Race Challenge, compete in a race in a designated number of laps. However, after each lap of the circuit, the last rider to cross the finish line is eliminated from the race until all riders are eliminated. To successfully complete this challenge you must never be last over the line on any lap or you will be eliminated.
  • Race Line, This challenge tests your racing technical accuracy and requires that you follow the optimal race line as closely as possible on all laps while still maintaining time limits. Points are deducted for drifting off the indicated race line.
  • Need a new Ducati? Trade up in the bike shop. Progression to different bikes is points-based and can be made any time the user has the required savings. Opponents will have improved bikes available to them as the user progresses.
  • Need more performance? Customize your motorcycle by modifying tires, suspension, engine, or exhaust.
  • Race against opponents to advance your standing on the worldwide leader board.
Challenge stats:
  • Challenge Passed / Failed.
  • 1 Position (Not applicable on Time Attack).
  • 2 Total Time
  • 3 Best Lap Time
  • 4 Winnings

Combatibility :

Motorola E1000 / V1050 / V980
Nokia 6230i / 6630 / 6680
Samsung Z140v / Z500v
Siemens C75v / CX75v / CXV65 / M65 / S65 / S65v
Sony Ericsson K300i / K750i / V600i / V800 / Z520i
Sharp 703 / 902 / 903

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