Friday, June 20, 2008

CallCheater v1.02

Turn your smartphone into a device that can give you an alibi and save you from undesired phone calls.
With the help of this program you will be able to play different sounds during a phone conversation, i.e: sounds of street, traffic jam, building site, garden, airport etc.

How does it work:
You should do the following to set up and activate CallCheater:

Set the necessary options (Mode, Volume, Repeat playing);
Configure sound rules;
Activate CallCheater;
When CallCheater is configured and activated, you will see such message during incoming and outcoming phone calls:

Sound name;
[Joystick-Up] Cancel sound;
[Joystick-Down] Select sound;
If you have chosen Mode manual, then in order to play a sound you should select it (Joystick-Down). If you have chosen Mode automatic, then a sound will be automatically played, and in order to cancel it press Joystick-Up. To quickly break a sound during a conversation press Joystick-Up.

Sounds' rules:
There're two tabs in this dialog: Sounds and Sounds list.
On a tab Sounds list there is a list of sounds that can be selected for playing. You can do the following operations with this list:
Play sound;
Add sound;
Delete sound, hot key (C);
On a tab Sounds rules for defining a sound during a phone call are configured. A rule has a condition - Enabled/Disabled and a sound, which is set for this rule.

Default - works only if no other rule is applicable;
Unknown phone number - works when the caller's number cannot be defined;
Contact - a certain sound is set for all numbers of a specified contact;
Group - a certain sound is set for all contacts in a specified group;
Phone - a mask for numbers is set. The match pattern can contain the wildcard characters "*" and "?", where "*" matches zero or more consecutive occurrences of any character and "?" matches a single occurrence of any character.
'*77' - all numbers ending at 77;
'877*' - all numbers beginning with 877;
'12?34' - all numbers 12034, 12134 ... 12934;

Manual - sound is played when it is selected from a listbox,
Automatic - sound is automatically played when at least one rule suits;
Sound volume;
Repeat playing : On/Off;
Handle : Only in phone app / anywhere.

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